Tuesday, 4 July 2017


The #Grenfell state massacre of up to around 500 people and the state oppression after it is the biggest direct attack on Black & Brown and migrant people in this country: ever. There are certain watershed moments in history where a moment/incident defines a totally new era, that was June 14/15 of the Grenfell state massacre and the aftermath. Why haven't the most radical sections of the Black and Brown left and radical circles along with their most reliable white comrades and organisations united for justice?

The condition and capacity of the Black/Brown radical left is tiny, but put together they are many scores and even hundreds of people. Many of them don't talk to each other or worse, many don't work together but despite these divisions no one has even tried to bring together a federation of solidarity to directly assist justice for the martyrs and survivors and community of Grenfell.

It's a collective shame on us including myself that we have continued with the divisive situation. Why haven't all the most radical active migrant organisations been brought together and agreed that despite our differences, and even if we don't especially want to work with each other directly that there are some things that are just incomparably much bigger than our petty nonsense, and that we should agree on a basic minimum program for Grenfell that would include something like:

1, we all go to our respective areas and estates and organise one public meeting every 6 weeks on the specifics of Grenfell keeping all the struggle and campaign issues alive and educate and mobilise our communities, that

2, we report all this on a centralised social media platform, that

3, we demand the arrest and imprisonment of RBKC senior staff, Tory housing ministers, head of KTMO etc,

4, that we mobilise twice a year a national rally to show force and to mobilise our communities and

5, that we agree that people should organise strategic direct actions.

These are just some ideas and I am sure some of them need tweaking and changing and there might be other good ideas that I haven't stated and if you have some ideas please put them in the thread. If anything, it looks and feels that actually considerable sections and factions of the radical Black and Brown left have demobilised and gone quiet comparatively to the proportion of the state crime at Grenfell. This is not to take away the very hard work, the love and dedication and commitment that activists and neighbours have shown, they are inspiring and their defiance in asserting their and our martyr's humanity has been deeply moving. At the same time and aside from that, some of us who are long distance and long term committed activists against the British state have to be brutally honest about where we are what the challenges are if we are serious in developing our capacity in our liberation struggle.


This article appeared recently in the mainstream media about the exploitation and oppression of migrants at the crass capitalist commercial music city of 'Glastonbury'. I have for many years argued that many big music festivals are institutionally racist and classist, and of course with all the sexual assaults that happens there, they are anti women/girls. Music festivals is part of the colonial privatisation of music and culture, its big money oriented towards the middle and upper classes and Glastonbury is one of the biggest manifestations of this. British society is an unofficial apartheid state, and Britain and the 'west' are the colonial settlement on the planet, they make the planet a global apartheid. #Grenfell, as with this article, opens up the defacto apartheid in which we live: we have a massive migrant community, especially the newer poorer more oppressed migrants servicing this country be it in the form of the invisibilised migrant workers exploited by Glastonbury and the 'revellers', or the London economy which is reliant on global colonial exploitation and domestic migrant labour that forms the backbone of our society and which directly services through exploitation the more affluent members of our society.

The left is wholly loyal to the imperialist system and the equivalent of the colonial settlers here which are the upper and richer sections of the working class often involved in anti-migrant trade union movement. Like in Australia, Palestine, the Americas the oppressed colonial subjects ie., migrant communities have their independence taken away by colonial assimilationist concepts such as 'Australian', 'British', 'American' when actually we are *victims* of Britishness etc.

Corbyn spoke some hypocritical words to the Glasto crowds about "building bridges" when he is a hard brexit leader, while 1,000s of migrant labourers were being exploited at Glasto for the benefit of settlers or 'revellers', while countless women and girls were sexually assaulted there, while drug dealers and sexual exploiters were hard at work at the festival, while a parasitic, decadent colonial culture that is festival culture continues to be normalised and promoted.


Western-based Marxism Leninism and Maoism is long dead. Maoism in the west after the radical third world struggles that Mao/China used to support fast became westernised hyper-sectarian grouplets playing out in an irrelevant micro-level the worst spats that Mao had with other revolutionary leftist countries and leaders. It's long become utterly detached from Mao's and the Chinese leaderships wise leadership despite mistakes and just become embarrassing fools that posture on the death and injury of a few armed pro Mao movements left in the world. What's left of the old Maoists in Britain is that they have all descended into uk nationalism in supporting brexit or have collapsed into supporting imperialist neo-liberal social democracy of corbyn.

Those groups that define themselves as Marxist Leninist are just as bad if not worse. The near entire western based MLs have sold out to their respective right wing nationalisms when it comes to Europe. In Europe nearly all the MLs support the uk nationalist project of brexit, many of the espouse clearly far right nonsense like that in Sweden where they campaign to deport immigrants, or in the case of Britain the 'cpgbml' have out done many MLs in their racism and nationalism by supporting the UK union at the Scottish referendum, brexit and even trump as a 'international victory over imperialism' I kid you not.

In the 'usa' the biggest micro groups who self define as ML are deep in bed with the far right fascists, for e.g. you can see leading members of the 'psl' being leading voices in the fascist platform 'Sputnik', and much of self defined MLs are deep in alliances with an array of far right and fascist and even neo-nazi forces and voices.

Western Trotskyist's have been a total irrelevancy since the 1940s but for their service to imperialism in campaigning against every single revolutionary movement anywhere. However, while the ussr and Mao's China was around the western Maoists and MLs had something useful to give, especially the African and Asian Maoists and MLs that include Paul Robeson, Claudia Jones, Harry Haywood, Manchanda and Amiri Baraka / Leroi Jones. Since the demise of Mao, USSR and these figures, and in the context of no clear and direct global socialist anti imperialist leadership, the westerners have descended back more or less into selling out to racism and imperialist nationalism.

Currently there remains no clear global socialist anti imperialist leadership, the closest we came to that in the recent past was Gaddafi's projects in Africa and to the Black and Brown communities in the west, and Chavez's messy political leadership that never really was very clear and distilled. This all being the case what remains and passes as Maoist and ML grouplets in the 'west' will continue to be confused and divided and divide further while they continue to collapse into a post modern type social media micro ghettoes that remind one of the wackiest 1960s squat / drug / sexual exploitation / promiscuity collectives: profoundly disconnected to actual oppressed communities, weird contrived workerism, obsessions with and open addictions and even promotion of porn and drugs and recruiting those who often lack basic social skills.

An English white comrade who I respect asked me recently if I was a communist. I replied that I believe in the end of all exploitation and oppression of man against humans and nature, and that means an end to classes and yes: I believe in a world without classes and exploitation. However, that struggle has to come through reality and actual peoples struggles and using revolutionary frameworks that do not exist at all in these self defined micro groups.

If Latin America in this last two decades until today has failed to give any leadership globally, its likely that we will perhaps not see a clear global leadership for a very very long time and perhaps never, but the contradictions of the imperialist system continue to push people towards fascism and indirectly and unintentionally towards resistance. Interesting things come out of all this, but not what's in the minds of the westernised far left fantasists.

This all being said: Mao and MLism are very important revolutionary theories for people to master in the struggle against the west as well as the many other ideologies and revolutionary legacies and histories. Mao's works are important frameworks especially for 'third world' revolutionary struggles, and MLism encompasses many aspect and areas of revolutionary organisation, strategy and a stinging and militant understanding and critique of capitalism, colonialism, imperialism and racism and imperialist nationalism.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


I am the second person arrested for Grenfell, someone who is totally and militantly supportive of the Grenfell martyrs against those in local government and scam housing and landlord organisations and the national government set our people up for the massacre. I was arrested yesterday for 24 hours including a home raid at midnight against my family of ten family members including little babies under 2 and 1yrs old and their mothers. Watch this whole clip to see the whole story.

Massive thanks to my family who stood so steadfast proud and resistant, and all my comrades and friends who rallied in support and solidarity. We are opening up slowly a new wave of independent black and brown and migrant self organisation towards liberation.


Due to the nature of imperialist media, news and 'social' media many have a tendency to jump from one issue to another day by day or hour by hour which can often push against connecting these issues together. In the last month and year we have serious high profile racist attacks on Jo Cox, Arek Jozwik, Samsam Haji Ali, the terrorist attacks especially at Manchester and London Bridge whereby Salman Abedi and Radwouan perpetrators acts point to collusion from the British state in relation to Libya and Syria; we have the police murders against Mohammad Yassar Yaqub, more recently Edir Frederico Da Costa AKA Edson and of course the Grenfell state massacre. Much of this rise of racism is through the prism of brexit that encapsulates and promotes contemporary British racism and fascist ideas and mass communities. And there are many many other examples of serious incidents of oppressions.

Then we have the British state conducting even more massive acts and projects of oppression in scale, depth and reach in Libya, Syria, Yemen and dozens of other counties more covertly.

Too many of us are just failing to connect the dots, and failing to do so directly means we don't gather the people together more effectively and in greater numbers because people are failing to see the direct connections.

While some people will be more motivated to mobilise on one or two things, on a practical level this is understandable but on a level of strategy, critical analysis and struggle, there is a problem of ghettoising issues when they should be "uniting the many against the few " (Mao) against the common enemy.

It's a bit heartbreaking to see people move away from Grenfell to something else now, or people not even focusing on British state Islamophobia and collusion with terrorism, and so on.

The British state is a colonial, capitalism and imperialist system, it exploits and oppresses people and the planet, it moves against everything in one singular project of Britishness and Britain, why are we in endless divisions and not building serious bridges to unite people and issues against the common enemy?

I understand these developments are happening fast and it tends to be a bit dizzying, bit frankly we need serious people working hard in the struggle because these incidents have been and going to continue to increase because the imperialist system is in deepening crises and can only create more crises as an 'answer' to its crises because it is predicated on a viciously genocidal capitalism colonial system.


If you want a corbyn and Labour Party that's not a pro British militarism leader, as all labour leaders have been, then perhaps people should really struggle to ensure the arguments against this type of low and dirty celebration of brit colonial genocide are had and won in the public domain. Too many are being corrupted in supporting so much imperialist stuff. And that's what the Labour Party and imperialist social democrat has always done, drag the liberal left into supporting imperialism when they think they are fighting for 'socialism' or/and the welfare state etc.

To quote my comrade Gerard McNamara: "Today is 'Armed Forces Day' in Britain, a celebration of the British Army's bloodlust. Britain's paid killers up and down their country put on a show for the general public in an attempt to woo them about Britain's imperial wars. The British armed forces are the biggest gang of mass murderers the world has ever seen."


#Grenfell #WhiteLeft The English white left / white controlled left has gone utterly mad at me for saying that the fire 'fighters' who conducted their operation at #Grenfell failed our peoples criminally and massively, literally hundreds of our people have been killed and it's clear from the obviousness of the death toll and the many first hand accounts of the fire men holding people back from saving more lives and instead ordering and bullying people to stay away and stay in their flats who then in their many hundreds burned alive. Not one firemen seemed to have been injured or killed while up to 500 of our people have been burnt alive. It's common for firemen to be injured or even die trying to save people. But not here. Put very simply, an emergency service was called to a job at Grenfell and the result of their efforts is many many hundreds dead. Simple and obvious. The victims and their supporters have every right to hold the fire service and the team and team leader of those firemen at Grenfell.

The white left deny there has been any grave errors by the firemen at Grenfell and instead have shouted and bullied people to ask no questions in this regard and have said there is nothing that they have done wrong, that really thy are heroes, and it's all the fault of Tory cuts. As Anna said to me just now if NHS staff result in considerable if not like in this case massive error leading to a victim led campaign against the NHS and the staff concerned, Tory cuts (and Labour govt cuts) are not a reason not to fight for anti racist and anti classist sexist nonsense, as was the case with the woman who bled to death after birth. Of course the Tory state and govt now and Labour govts before have all contributed to the housing scam and the seniors in local government and national govt responsible for the massacre at Grenfell all need to be held to account, but so do those who were the emergency response on the scene.

The white left have gone mad at me because they helped go cover-up this massive issue, because the firemen have been too long held up as some untouchable angelic service. They are as fallible to racism and classism as any other British state service. The white left have gone mad because I said a very obvious thing and got nearly 100 likes for saying it from mostly African and Asian people, and thus the white left have been totally exposed and are embarrassed by it. In their arrogance and conceit they have abused me for days and started social media campaigns against me leading to a 30 day block on my other account. The campaign continues to this minute. But in so doing they don't realise their racialised supremacism has been exposed to many more and opened up this very important debate further.

This whole thing has opened up a really primarily important issue of the white left and migrant communities; the white left lionise the organised unionised workers over and above the unorganised and especially black and brown migrant communities. Grenfell is black and brown migrant communities the fire men are the organised workers mostly white and a body be it the fire brigade union or the fire service that are both clearly institutionally racist. The white left will and are patronising the Grenfell survivors and martyrs and are helping in the cover up in many ways but clearly in the way they have told me and the issues I am raising to shut up and to be forced to shut up. This is exactly the same dynamic and this actually part of their white colonisation of the Grenfell issue.

As with so many other issues, I think it's a case of me stating the obvious and embarrassing the white left and those loyal to them and collaborating with them, and instead of opening up the conversation and listening, they have blindly jumped to expose their racist patronising and frankly racist bullying nature. Like other issues they abuse me for, it will come out that yes indeed there was massive grave errors and criminal level mistakes that the fire men did that led to our peoples deaths. EVERYONE who is directly responsible and and is a powerful figure that set up Grenfell for this massacre must see immediate justice by any means necessary. Me and my comrades and supporters are loyal to no one but our dead at Grenfell. We are determined to assist in this quest for resistance and justice. Thank you white left and their minions, you have inadvertently opened up this debate much bigger than I alone could, for those reading and loyal to anti racism and Black and Brown Liberation, please see carefully the fault lines of racism in the usual bullshit of white left and white left colonial politics and arrogance.