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Stop the War Coalition needs less self-congratulation and more critical reflection

Carlos Martinez

[imperialism has changed its timing and delayed its bombing of Syria, and probably the extent of the bombing due to the preparation of Resistance forces in the region and importantly the Russian warships off the Syrian coast, and more to follow. I outline this here - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm ]

I’m pleased that the Commons voted against British involvement in military action against Syria (for now). I don’t think it’ll make a huge amount of difference in the grand scheme of things, but I’m pleased. I even celebrated with a perfectly-brewed cup of tea.

Now I’m going to ruin that brief moment of happiness. Sorry.

Dear Stop the War Coalition, stop congratulating yourselves! You have not AT ALL prevented war on Syria. Not even a little bit! There’s already a war on Syria - financed and armed by, among others, the British and US governments. YOU fed into the propaganda for this war. You demonised the Syrian government from the very beginning. You fully bought into the mainstream narrative of “brutal dictator” and “repressive regime”. You NEVER told people why Syria might be worth defending. You NEVER called for an alliance of progressive/nationalist forces (including the Syrian army and government) to defeat the very real UK/US/French/Turkish/Saudi/Qatari intervention, in spite of the fact that this is very obviously the ONLY sensible strategy given the circumstances. Your leading people pretty much ALL called for regime change in one way or other (“Assad must go”, said Tariq Ali; “Adios, Assad (I hope)”, said Owen Jones; indict “loathesome” Assad at the International Criminal Court, said Mehdi Hassan; “Give the revolutionaries the chance to shake off their pro-western leaders and defeat Assad”, said John Rees). You merely organised a few not-very-well-attended meetings opposing western intervention. Well done (for the record, there are a few of us who did a lot more than that, but we aren’t claiming any big victories right now). Such actions did NOT mobilise the population to oppose the war, and were easy for mainstream politicians to ignore.

Am I just being mean and nasty and sectarian? I don’t think so. I really (like… desperately) want to see a viable, thriving, effective movement in this country that can oppose imperialist wars. We don’t have that, and therefore I sincerely believe Stop the War Coalition could do with a bit less self-congratulation and a whole lot more critical reflection.

Stop Congratulating Yourselves on Stopping the War Coalition, more like.

Thursday, 29 August 2013



"Interviewer: Mr. President, Russia is opposing the US and EU policies, especially with regards to Syria. What would happen were Russia to make a compromise now? Is such a scenario possible?

President al-Assad: Russian-American relations should not be viewed through the context of the Syrian crisis alone; it should be viewed in a broader and more comprehensive manner. The US presumed that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia was perpetually destroyed. After President Putin took office in the late 90s, Russia began to gradually recover and regain its international position; hence the Cold War began again, but in a different and subtler manner.

The US persisted on many fronts: striving to contain Russian interests in the world, attempting to influence the mentality of Russians closer to the West both in terms of culture and aspiration. It worked diligently to eliminate Russia’s vital and powerful role on many fronts, one of which is Syria.

You may be wondering, like many Russians, why Russia continues to stand by Syria. It is important to explain this reason to the general public: Russia is not defending President Bashar al-Assad or the Syrian government, since the Syrian people should decide their president and the most suitable political system – this is not the issue. Russia is defending the fundamental principles it has embraced for more than a hundred years, the first of which is independence and the policy of non-interference in internal affairs. Russia itself has suffered and continues to suffer from such interference.

Additionally, Russia is defending its legitimate interests in the region. Some superficial analysts narrow these interests to the Port of Tartous, but in reality Russia’s interests are far more significant. Politically speaking, when terrorism strikes Syria, a key country in the region, it would have a direct impact on stability in the Middle East, which would subsequently affect Russia. Unlike many western governments, the Russian leadership fully understands this reality. From a social and cultural perspective, we must not forget the tens of thousands of Syrian-Russian families, which create a social, cultural and humanitarian bridge between our two countries.

If Russia were to seek a compromise, as you stipulated, this would have happened one or two years ago when the picture was blurred, even for some Russian officials. Today, the picture is crystal clear. A Russia that didn’t make a compromise back then, would not do so now."


Hmm. Russian warships amassing, Hizbullah threatening white settler zionist state, Iran threatening strikes, pro-Iranian militias ready to attack imperialist targets in Iraq, and now Syrian pilots ready for suicide missions. Not a very nice combination of forces in the face of possible imperialist bombing of Syria, whose ramifications I analysed here.  - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Syrian army may use kamikaze pilots against west, Assad officer claims
At least 8,000 suicide 'martyrs' ready to foil US warplanes hand-in-hand with Hezbollah and Iran, says regime loyalist


The Syrian air force is considering using kamikaze pilots against attacks by western forces, a Syrian army officer operating air defences near Damascus has claimed in an interview with the Guardian.

The officer said 13 pilots had signed a pledge this week saying they would form "a crew of suicide martyrs to foil the US warplanes".

The Assad loyalist, in his 30s and serving with the Syrian army's air defence section 10 miles from the capital, said: "If the US and British armies launch a single rocket we will launch three or four, and if their warplanes raid our skies they will face hell fire.

"If we are unable to shoot down their warplanes with artillery, we have military pilots who are ready to attack these foreign warplanes by their own warplanes and blow them up in the air."

The Guardian has been unable to verify the information. The officer has been in contact with the paper on several occasions over the last 12 months during which time he provided reliable information about battles between the troops of Bashar al-Assad and rebel groups. He has declined to provide accounts of events where he has not served.

He claimed: "We have more than 8,000 suicide martyrs within the Syrian army, ready to carry out martyrdom operations at any moment to stop the Americans and the British. I myself am ready to blow myself up against US aircraft carriers to stop them attacking Syria and its people."

Speaking about the chemical attack last week on the outskirts of Damascus, he denied the involvement of government forces and said news of the gassing had come as a shock.

"Why would we use chemical weapons in Al Ghouta, when we have government forces where the attack happened? Over the last few days we have launched a military operation called Capital Shield to protect Damascus and its countryside. We managed to get 75% of the way through the process, but then we were shocked to learn about the chemical weapons in Al Ghouta."

He said the morale of the Syrian army was high. "They have to know that Iran and Hezbollah fighters will be fighting with us, hand-in-hand. We have an alliance of protection. We are the resistance axe in the Arab world.

"We are ready for anything. Only God can take our souls, not America or Britain. The US and UK have been threatening us for more than two years now, they think we would care, but they are stupid to think so. We have been fighting the most criminal terrorists in the world and we have not given up or become tired.

"The Syrian army is at the highest state of alert now. We have taken all measures to avoid the air onslaught and all our rockets are ready now to be launched. We are expecting the US and British forces to attack specific targets, so the Syrian army has changed most of its positions and many barracks and brigades have been moved to different sites."

Reuters news agency said Assad's forces appeared to have evacuated most personnel from army and security command headquarters in central Damascus in preparation for a western military strike.

"It is unbelievable what is happening now in Syria," the officer said. "Lots of Syrian men are flocking to checkpoints asking to join the army to fight for Syria, though some of them were previously with the opposition."

He added: "They say that when Syria is under foreign attack we will fight with the Syrian army and forget about everything. In Damascus, we have registered over 4,000 civilian volunteers in the last 48 hours. We have sent them to training camps to learn how to use different weapons and to form people committees [pro-regime home guards] to protect the streets and districts of the capital, as the Syrian army will be busy dealing with the US warplanes.

"The whole army will be in a state of alert and we will need these people to protect our back, keep security and stop things slipping to chaos.

"Damascus residents are living a normal life and are not scared of any attack. Rockets and mortars are falling on the capital districts every day even in the poshest areas, so they can't be shaken any more if US rockets strike.

"People get used to the war and they do not need to make any more preparations. Today I could see long bread queues in many areas in Damascus, and that may be because of the US threats. People are worried if the US and British forces launch their attack against Syria they can't go out during the air raids."

SONS OF MALCOLM EVENT WITH DR LEZ HENRY ON WHITENESS, 6pm Sat 14th Sept, Housmans bookshop, kings cross

Akala, Dr Lez Henry and Sukant Chandan from Sons of Malcolm

- A conversation with Dr Lez Henry

Date: Sat 14th Sept 6pm

Venue: Housmans Radical Bookshop
5 Caledonian Road, N1 9DX London

Following on from the very successful conversation with Black Star Crescent Moon author Sohail Daulatzai, Sons of Malcolm brings you an event with one of london's finest pro-resistance intellectuals - Dr Lez Henry - will be exploring and discussing white supremacy / whiteness at this event, a subject on which Dr Lez has written a book which will be available for purchase.

The event will take the form of a conversation between Sons of Malcolm's Sukant Chandan and Dr Lez, with those attending also taking part in this conversation.

In the last several years as the white power structure through government policies, media and the 'entertainment' industry have been intensifying their aims against Black and Brown people and to keep the poor divided and weak, there has also been a rise in interest in whiteness / white supremacy amongst activists and radical-minded circles.

There is much debate and differences over what exactly white supremacy is; to what extent are white and non-white people complicit in this; can non-whites ally with whites in a common struggle against imperialism and white supremacy; what are the roots of white supremacy in europe and many other questions.

Of course, all these issues will not and cannot be exhausted in one event like this, but this event intends to be a place where these things can be explored critically with mutual respect between those taking place.

This event is not for anyone with a negative and unconstructive approach, but for people who want to build positively and effectively against white supremacy in a spirit of Peace and Love in our struggle between the strugglers and our peoples and communities.

Attending this event will mean that you are giving permission to be filmed.

Places are limited, and attendance will be based on first come first serve. THERE ARE ONLY FORTY-FIVE PLACES SO BE PUNCTUAL AS THIS EVENT IS STARTING BANG ON TIME.

Light refreshments will be available free.


[source - (google translated)]

The Syrian-born Venezuelan deputy Adel El Zabayar asked the National Assembly, through a letter, indefinite leave, which was granted, to join the brigades of resistance in Syria.

The Zabaya, made the decision to "change his seat" for a weapon to defend peace in Syria, where they will join the resistance brigades besieged country against which the U.S. and his accomplices seek invade.

The National Assembly (AN) condemned through an agreement the U.S. military aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic, approved on Wednesday August 28 on the Executive Committee, at its first meeting of this legislative recess.

At the end of the day, Fernando Soto Rojas was responsible for the decision to publicize the Zabayar and said the parliamentary document be delivered to the Syrian Embassy in Venezuela.

He reported that as good Bolivarian Adel El Zabayar requested an indefinite leave and the same was granted unanimously.


My reading on Syria/ When will there be an imperialist attack?

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

The Arab Sting is a historic and profound counter-revolution in which london, washington, paris used collaborationist forces and fools, and fools allowed themselves to be used for achieving gains for the long-time coalition of devils in the region - nato-gulfies-Ikhwan-takfiris - this Arab Sting momentum was sabotaged by three main things: 1st - lynching of yankee amb stevens by his former junior colleagues in the Libyan death squads in sept 2012; 2nd - victory of Hizbullah and Syrian Arab Army at Qusayr two months ago which started the beginning of the reversal of death squad/'rebel' advances, they have been since been getting driven into the ground, and 3rd - Scaf (the Egyptian Army) chopping Morsi/MB in Egypt which cut off that country from the main counter-revolutionary/pro-empire centre of the Ikhwan (the main organisation conducting regime change for nato) from the regional nonsense.

All of this compounded by the deepening crisis which imperialism is in, esp trying to clamber back the rise of the BRICS and the growing alliances of GlobalSouth countries with it, meant that imperialism has been forced to do something QUICK about its losing momentum and even the beginning of the reverse of the Arab Sting. This blatant SET-UP chemical weapons slur against the Syrian government was the cover for their actions.

HOWEVER!! What has made imperialism stop from a massive bombing campaign?? It has been the combination of the following: foremostly the Russians amassing their warships etc on the med coast off Syria; also the pro-Iran militias in Iraq saying they gonna dry the imperialists in Iraq if they bomb Syria, and then also Hizbullah who are threatening the white settler zionist state ('israel') with a military response too. This unity in militancy is way too much for imperialism to handle, and it has backed down from a rolling and massive campaign to a much more limited one. I mean, whats all this 'let the un inspectors make their report first' crap?! Did they allow ANY inspectors or investigation by the un on Libya? NO.

So I think there WILL BE an attack on Syria, but it will be limited, and our side (Russia, Hizbullah, Iran, Syria etc) will be hoping that it will be more bluster than actual strategic damage to our side in Syria, that our side will let Obama (who I think is the less militaristic side of the yankee ruling classes) save face from his "chemical weapons is a red line" rubbish, and continue on our trajectory of cleaning up the death squads loons in Syria. IF the imperialists go for a massive and really devastating attack on Syria, our side is ready to up our game and we ready to hit back in kind. But I have a feeling that imperialism wont risk that too much.

Time and time again, Russia has shown that if it threatens the imperialists directly (which it has been for over a year by moving its warships to Syria, and stating to the imperialists that the fall of Syria is something it just will not allow), imperialism more often than not is actually a coward ("paper tiger" as Mao called them), and cannot handle the heat if it is brought to their faces. I been arguing from 2003 - 2011 that imperialism is in the weakest position it has ever been and the GlobalSouth if it employed united military strategies could push it over into history reasonably soon, the Arab Sting put that back, and it remains to be seen if we can recover to the pre Arab Sting levels, and these coming weeks will determine that.

Final point, I cannot believe some in our circles are bitching on Russia and China. Our most effective friends will not be perfect, and they will dissapoint time and time again to some extent, but without them, you would see dozens more countries throughout the three Southern continents be turned into what Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, DR Congo have become.

*Know your enemies, know your friends, know how to NAVIGATE towards unity our own contradictions in our own camp.*

So there WILL be imperialist strikes on Syria in the coming days, probably on sunday or monday at the earliest, but it remains to be seen the extent and outcome of which.

I of course have been wrong before, and I might be wrong again. None of us are perfectly on point about these things, but the main thing is to recognise reality as much as possible even if it flies in the face of what we think, to then adjust our analysis and proceed with greater insight etc.

For total victory to Syria-Russia-IRI-Hizbullah; for Scaf to join our battle on our side increasingly and ASAP; for the total defeat of the Arab Sting project and its backers in london, washington, paris and tel aviv, and the total defeat of imperialism and zionism!

Monday, 26 August 2013


U.S. 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad's regime' 

Leaked emails from defense contractor refers to chemical weapons saying 'the idea is approved by Washington'

Obama issued warning to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad last month that use of chemical warfare was 'totally unacceptable'

[source - this was originally published on the daily mail website, and was subsequently taken down in a few days, for obvious reasons]

Please remember, a united nations investigation on the ground in Syria earlier this year found that the death squads (called 'rebels' in the media) used chemical weapons and not the Syrian government. Here is the bbc report about that. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Leaked emails have allegedly proved that the White House gave the green light to a chemical weapons attack in Syria that could be blamed on Assad's regime and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country.

A report released on Monday contains an email exchange between two senior officials at British-based contractor Britam Defence where a scheme 'approved by Washington' is outlined explaining that Qatar would fund rebel forces in Syria to use chemical weapons.

Barack Obama made it clear to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad last month that the U.S. would not tolerate Syria using chemical weapons against its own people.

According to, the December 25 email was sent from Britam's Business Development Director David Goulding to company founder Philip Doughty.

It reads: 'Phil... We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.

'We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.

'They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.
'Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

'Kind regards, David.'

Britam Defence had not yet returned a request for comment to MailOnline.

The emails were released by a Malaysian hacker who also obtained senior executives resumés and copies of passports via an unprotected company server, according to Cyber War News.

Dave Goulding's Linkedin profile lists him as Business Development Director at Britam Defence Ltd in Security and Investigations. A business networking profile for Phil Doughty lists him as Chief Operationg Officer for Britam, United Arab Emirates, Security and Investigations.

The U.S. State Department had not returned a request for comment on the alleged emails to MailOnline today at time of publication.

However the use of chemical warfare was raised at a press briefing in D.C. on January 28.
A spokesman said that the U.S. joined the international community in 'setting common redlines about the consequences of using chemical weapons'.

A leaked U.S. government cable revealed that the Syrian army more than likely had used chemical weapons during an attack in the city of Homs in December.

The document, revealed in The Cable, revealed the findings of an investigation by Scott Frederic Kilner, the U.S. consul general in Istanbul, into accusations that the Syrian army used chemical weapons in the December 23 attack.

An Obama administration official who had access to the document was reported as saying: 'We can't definitely say 100 per cent, but Syrian contacts made a compelling case that Agent 15 was used in Homs on Dec. 23.'

Mr Kilner's investigation included interviews with civilians, doctors, and rebels present during the attack, as well as the former general and head of the Syrian WMD program, Mustafa al-Sheikh.

Dr. Nashwan Abu Abdo, a neurologist in Homs, is certain chemical weapons were used. He told The Cable: 'It was a chemical weapon, we are sure of that, because tear gas can't cause the death of people.'

Eye witness accounts from the investigation revealed that a tank launched chemical weapons and caused people exposed to them to suffer nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, delirium, seizures, and respiratory distress.

The symptoms suggest that the weaponized compound Agent-15 was responsible. Syria denied using chemical weapons and said it would never use them against citizens.

Speaking to Pentagon reporters at the time, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said his biggest concern was how the U.S. and allies would secure the chemical and biological weapons sites scattered across Syria and ensure the components don't end up in the wrong hands if the regime falls, particularly under violent conditions.

Government forces and rebels in Syria have both been accused by human rights groups of carrying out brutal warfare in the 22-month-old conflict, which has claimed more than 60,000 lives.


Egypt rejects military solution in Syria


Egypt will not attend an upcoming meeting on Syria because it is opposed to foreign military intervention, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday.

Military heads from the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Canada are expected to meet in Amman in the next few days, reported Jordanian state news agency Petra, citing a military source.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Badr Abelatty said Egypt will not attend the meeting because “we are not in favour of the military option in Syria.” He stressed the need for a political solution to the crisis in Syria.

The United Nations Chemical Weapons Team is currently investigating allegations of the use of toxic gas in the Syrian conflict.

Abdelatty refused to speculate on how the findings of the team could impact Egypt’s stance. He did say Egypt would react to a UN resolution on the issue but stressed, “we are pursuing a political option. Egypt will not be part of any military action.”

As part of pursuing a political solution to the crisis, Abdelatty said the deputy minister for Arab affairs travelled to Istanbul on Monday to attend a “core group meeting” of the Friends of Syria group to discuss political solutions to the crisis.

Egypt has long backed a political solution in Syria, however since allegations of the use of chemical weapons surfaced, the possibility of foreign military intervention has become a major issue on the international stage.

The US and Britain have both said they are ready to take action over the allegations, and condemned any use of chemical weapons. In an interview on Sunday British Foreign Secretary William Hague refused to go into the various options for response from the international community but said: “We are discussing them with the US and with other countries.”

The Syrian conflict has lasted more than two years. Although allegations of chemical weapon use have been made before, the harrowing images of victims showing symptoms of a chemical attack have sparked international outrage.

The conflict has claimed the lives of tens of thousands and there just under 1.75 million registered Syrian refugees and nearly 2 million “persons of concern” according to the United Nations Refugee Agency.


In Egypt Crisis, Russia Sees Opportunity


Vladimir Putin appears to be seizing on the Egyptian crisis and the U.S. response to it to expand Russia’s influence in the Arab world’s most populous country.

On Thursday afternoon President Barack Obama announced that the U.S. would be cancelling a joint military exercise with the Egyptian Army over its violent crackdown on supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Shortly afterwards, Egypt Independent reported that Putin had called an extraordinary session in the Kremlin to put “all Russian military facilities ‘at the Egyptian military's disposal.’" The report, which cited several sources without providing any further details about them, also said that “Putin will discuss Russian arrangements for joint-military exercises with the Egyptian army.”

Hours later Egypt Independent took down the report, although Google is still returning searches for it. A number of websites and forums had already republished the article in full before it was removed.

The Diplomat could not confirm the veracity of the report, and it’s unclear what to make of Egypt Independent’s decision to take down the article. Egypt Independent is a highly respected, privately owned English-language counterpart to the popular Arabic daily, Al-Masry Al-Youm. (see The Columbia Journalism Review’s recent profile of Egypt Independent here). It established a strong reputation for challenging Hosni Mubarak’s rule long before that became fashionable. It also won praise for its coverage of the 2011 uprising against Mubarak, and faced intense pressure from the Muslim Brotherhood for its unfavorable coverage of former President Mohamed Morsi.

At the same time, it has a history of caving to pressure from the Egyptian military, raising the possibility that the article on Russia’s offer of military support might have been removed at the Egyptian military’s request.

In any case, Russia was deeply involved in the crisis in Egypt on Thursday. ITAR-TASS, a Russian newswire, reported that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke by phone with his Egyptian counterpart Nabil Fahmy. Another ITAR-TASS story on Thursday said that Egypt’s embassy in Moscow had appealed to Russia to continue to provide support to Cairo during these “extremely hard times… just as it used to do in the past.”

A final report from the same outlet detailed how Russia and the United Arab Emirates had come out for a peaceful resolution of Middle East conflicts, including Egypt. A Russian Foreign Ministry source was quoted as saying: “Both sides came out for peaceful, non-violent resolution of problems of countries in the region, respect for sovereignty of states and non-interference in their internal affairs.” The source also told ITAR-TASS that the two sides intended to explore a possible partnership between Russia and the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council. Moscow is at odds with most of the Persian Gulf Arab states over its support for Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria.

Official statements and state-media reports indicate Moscow is also leaning heavily towards the military in the Egyptian crisis. Russia was previously seen as losing significant influence in Egypt during the Muslim Brotherhood’s time in power.

Along with advising Russians against visiting Egypt at this time, a Russian Foreign Ministry statement urged restraint on all sides and stated “further democratic changes and deep reforms in the interests of all Egyptians can be carried out through broad dialogue and resumption of the political process on the basis of national consensus.” Notably, this statement strongly echoes the position of the Egyptian military and interim government.

More pointedly, Igor Morozov, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the upper house of Russia’s Parliament, told Interfax on Thursday that there is a real possibility that Egypt will slip into civil war, something Putin warned about earlier this week before the military began its crackdown.

While critical of all sides, Morozov said he believed the Egyptian army was trying to slow the breakdown of order in Egypt.

 “The [Egyptian] army has always been playing an important and even crucial role in every political crisis in Egypt,” Morozov was quoted by Interfax as saying. “The army is a very serious institution in Egypt and top-ranking military commanders are its most significant owners.”

He went on to blame the U.S. and the EU for Egypt’s current situation because of their support for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The United States and the European Union rendered full support to the Muslim Brotherhood even after the toppling of Muhammad Morsi,” Morozov said. “They do not understand what negative consequences this unilateral support of the Islamists has for Egypt.”

At the top of its website Friday morning Moscow time, state-owned Russia Today also carried a lengthy story detailing alleged incidents of violence perpetrated by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

While events in Egypt are constantly in flux, it therefore appears Russia is betting on the Egyptian military prevailing in the current standoff, and is already busy acting on that assumption. With the U.S. having already cancelled its joint biannual exercise with the Egyptian military, and additional sanctions against the army likely to be forthcoming, this gamble could have a handsome payoff for Moscow should it prove accurate.

Sunday, 25 August 2013


From Stafford Scott's facebook

It's ironic that I've trawled FB & my FB 'friends' yet see very little outcry about the murder of this beautiful young woman, Sabrina Moss.

Had she been killed by the police people would've been posting shit like crazy!

But, Sabrina Moss gets killed by some low life from the, so called, hood and people go quiet! WTF is this about?

As we near the anniversary of MLK's "I have a dream" speech, I think we need to consider exactly what his words meant.

He did NOT mean that he wanted the white folk to stop killing us so that black folk could kill us. He WASN'T demanding THAT kind of 'EQUALITY'.

I am sick and tired of this! Sick and tired of seeing the damage that the act of one FOOL wreaks on a family.

Sick & tired of the lack of response from our community. Sick and tired to know that these scumbags, who can kill a young woman for fuck all, can then come and hang out in the community like them ah bad man.

What's fucking bad in shooting an unarmed WOMAN or another youth? It's not bad! It's bullying, it's terrorism, it's fucked up and it's got to be STOPPED!

So here's a little challenge to ALL the BLACK men who come in FB and talk RADICAL!

Here's a real chance to do something RADICAL! How about we come together and say "No fucking MORE! Not another DROP! NOT another life! Not in OUR name!" Who is READY to stand up for OUR community now?


"I HEAR you brother! We have too many 'boys/men/youth' who are merciless and careless and we must wonder where are the men who were supposed to bring them up as decent people! Adult Black men need to be forming a protective shield around the community: Zero tolerance for violence against each other, zero tolerance for rape and abuse of women, zero tolerance for drug dealing. We need them to monitor and clean our neighborhoods from these scums, dead weight, self destructive and criminally minded! The African village concept is dead but we are unable to replace it with anything else that promotes respect, peace and brotherhood in our community. It is heartbreaking! Who do we fight? The racist police and state or these sick elements in our own community? I don't know...... May Corrine rest in peace. Did she leave any children behind? My condolences to her family."


"We are our worst enemy, the police or the other racist agency out there doesn't need to lift a finger to eliminate us, we are doing good all by ourselves. Self hate. Bleaching, lack of self respect. Respect is to be able to brag that you just come out a jail, and you just bore a man who you greet as blood joke, only fools go to jai, the older men are not helping to ensure that the youths change their mind set they're grooming them."


"As I said a few days ago how we can tolerate a situation in our communities where we have parents burying their children?. For those of us who profess to be youth workers/community workers - we are losing the battle on the streets. RIP Sabrina Moss, Ajmol Alom and Lamarni Hylton-Reid"


"I was at work so l just manage to hear little bits.Yes Mr Scott its a dam shame that these little fools are running around playing cowboys and indians with each others life, it really makes me sick. But what you going to do? I know this is going to make a lot of people upset, but all the excuses from mothers and father saying " when their on street we dont know what their doing". Its time to know cause its getting serious. We got to all watch our own individual kids and thats where it starts at home."


Reflections on 'Muslim' Organisation's Collaboration with Empire
Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

OK, so we have 'Muslim' organisations many of us have worked with in the post 911 period who are now *campaigning* for sanctions and military strikes against Syria and Egypt even, as they were and achieved in relation to Libya. I like many other people, Muslim and non-Muslim, worked with these forces in the post Second Intifada and post 911 period as we were keen to develop a unity in struggle AGAINST imperialism and zionism and for our collective Global liberation struggle against our common oppressors.

Many of us knew very well that these Muslim organisations had/have their organisational and ideological basis in the historic alliance with imperialism, whereby these orgs were being used and allowing themselves to be used against the actual liberation forces in the Muslim world. Nonetheless, inspiread by the Palestinian and Lebanese Hizbullah led 'National and Islamic Forces' of liberation against empire and zionism, whereby the 'Islamists' were united with revolutionary Nationalists and Socialists, we entered a working alliance with the hope that the historic compromised Islamist forces would develop their alliances and ideology more in harmony with a united front for liberation against our enemy.

Some amongst us, most notably Samir Amin, and also some closer to home warned us that these 'Islamist' forces were nothing but biding their time to reveal their deeply counter-revolutionary and anti-people nature. I worked with these forces for many years, and I can attest and bear witness to the fact that they were (not the pro-Hizbullah/IRI aligned forces, it has to be said) basically begging the white man to 'trust' them to rule over the masses in the region. For example, I could name names of Ikhwan people in london who were and are leaders of the Palestine and 'anti-war' movement were begging that raping scumbag robert/bob lambert when he was head of anti-terrorism police in london and when he was fronting as an academic. they were clearly trying to ingratiate themselves into the hearts and minds of the enemy. )The last several years shows us, they succeeded.) Interestingly, it was the white supremacist lefties and liberals in the Palestine and anti-war movements that have mutually scratched these collaborationist 'Muslim' forces for the decade or so, which shows clearly they are both loyal to empire, fear the actual and successful liberation forces in the world (when the white left arent patronising the latin Americans cos they like the alcohol and women in that region) and will use each other to promote each others sordid relationship with empire.

However, despite the criticisms, warnings and concerns of some, myself and others wanted to give these forces a chance in our working relationship together, I thought we were fighting imperialism together in relation to Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon etc, looking back it is VERY clear that these forces only got involved in these subjects to promote their own opportunistic agendas, although no doubt their rank and file, despite their sectarian reflexes, had sincere hatred for our enemy and wanted liberation.

Everything unravelled by the start of the Arab Sting, when people were losing their minds and allying with the most anti-people and anti-revolutionary forces in the region, ie., Qatar and the Gulf monarchies who were promoting this Arab Sting like maniacs through al-jazeero etc. By the time of Libya and Syria, everything became crystal clear with forces from Ikhwan/MB through to HT through to Salafis and pro-Qaeda types jumped openly back into bed with nato to conduct lynchings of Blacks, Shia, Sufis, Christians, Patriots and innocents through their depraved brigandage and rape of our communities and nations.

Some people, especially our Muslim brothers and sisters are clearly struggling with the fact that these forces are lock stock part of the ACTIVE and LIVE AND EMPIRE VANGUARD imperialist strategy for destruction ('scorched earth') against the Homelands. But things could not be clearer, these forces ARE the imperialist death squads, and the fact that they have a mass following of around 20% of some country's populations should not blind us to what they are, EVERY liberation struggle in the world has seen populations split when in historical processes of resistance etc, its not unusual to see some populations splits nearly 50-50 in civil wars and revolutions etc (northern Ireland on our doorstep is just one example, does it mean we should not have supported the Irish Liberation and Republican Movement? Of course those of us who did were right to do so), so this is not reason not to take a clear stand against this.

These forces have come full circle, from being backed, given life and promoted by empire about a century ago, they are now openly back into bed with each other. We have people all around us in Brown skin advocating actively for imperialist sanctions and war against our Homelands, DESPITE the now near clichéd lessons of the bullshit 'chemical weapons' empire trojan horse and sanctions and invasion of Iraq. These people are too far gone in collaboration with our enemies. Their leaderships strategy MUST be smashed. This is a time to draw lines in the sand and confront the challenges of the battle that now lie ahead of that. The sake of the international struggle against imperialist and white supremacy is at stake.

We must expose, isolate and support all forces that are smashing these forces, esp the Syrian govt, Hizbullah etc and even, more problematically but just as importantly the Egyptian Army which is conducting a massive blow to empire plans on teh region especially focused on Syria, Syria being the vanguard of the region defending our peoples against empire and zionism. The last several years has taught us that this is not a time for ditherers, for those who are compromised for whatever reason, its not a time for cowards and fickle types, its a time to battle on al fronts that is appropriate to different people to fight until the finish. Will we win this battle and defeat empire? That remains to be seen and dependant frankly on the GlobalSouth capacity and will to unite and develop mutual military self defence pacts and to point more nukes at western capitals (no to use them, but for self defence). 

Thursday, 22 August 2013




Amelia Singh Netervala points to her mother’s chicken curry enchiladas as the best metaphor for her childhood.

Born to a Punjabi Sikh father and Mexican mother, her family was full of cultural contradictions: She went to church on Sundays with her mother and three siblings while her father waited outside in the family car. She would have langar — the daily Sikh communal meal — just once a year, when her father would embark on the five-hour journey from Phoenix to the nearest gurdwara in El Centro, a Californian border town in the Imperial Valley. Her clandestine conversations with her mother were done in Spanish, a language her father never mastered.

All the while Netervala never had any doubts about her identity.

“I’m proud of my Mexican heritage and mixed ethnicity,” said Netervala, who grew up on an alfalfa and cotton farm in Casa Grande, 50 miles south of Phoenix. “But if I had to choose, I would identify as being an Indian woman.”

Now in her mid-70s, Netervala is part of the nation’s thinning Punjabi-Mexican population, an identity forged out of historical necessity and made possible by uncanny cultural parallels.

“The children of these unions did not marry into that community, and so now they are dying off,” explained Karen Leonard, a professor of anthropology at the University of California, Irvine who wrote a book on California’s Punjabi-Mexican population. “So their numbers are diminishing.”

The first marriages between Punjabis and Mexican Americans occurred in the early 1900s, after waves of men from Punjab — a geographic region straddling the Indian-Pakistani border — immigrated to the United States by way of Canada.

Although their numbers were initially small, estimated in the few thousands, the Punjabis, who were mostly Sikh, quickly adapted to life in the farming communities of the United States, particularly in California’s Central and Imperial Valleys. Drawing on their extensive agricultural knowledge, the Punjabis planted troves of peach and prune orchards, which today produce 95 percent of the peaches and 60 percent the prunes that grow in Yuba-Sutter County, an fertile agricultural hub California’s Central Valley.

Despite their contributions to California’s farming industry, early Punjabi immigrants were heavily discriminated against both economically and socially, said Vinay Lal, a professor of history at UCLA.

The California Alien Land Act of 1913 prevented all “aliens ineligible for citizenship” in the state to own agricultural land. And although the act primarily targeted wealthy Japanese landowners in California, the Punjabis were not considered citizens and were victimized, Leonard said.

Strict immigrant laws also prevented Punjabis living in the United States from bringing wives from India, creating a distinct problem for the community.

“They would have gone to India to find brides and brought them back,” Lal said. “But when they passed the Asian Exclusion laws, it became impossible for them to leave.”

Traditionally, Punjabis had marriages arranged by their families. But facing strict immigrant quota laws, the then-newly immigrated Punjabis — overwhelming majorities of whom, according to Leonard, were Sikh, at nearly 85 percent — were forced to turn elsewhere.

“Many Punjabis married the Mexican women that worked on their land because of their cultural similarities and proximity,” Leonard explained. “And when they’d show up at the county record office, they could both check ‘brown.’ No one knew the difference.”

The Punjabi men chose Mexican women for a host of other reasons: Physically, Mexican women at the time were thought to resemble Punjabis, Leonard said. Both communities also shared a rural way of life, cooked similar types of food and had a similar material culture.

Perhaps the most important reason, however, was that Mexican women were accessible in the border cities of the United States, Leonard said.

“Most of these women came across the border after the Mexican Civil War,” she added. “They supported themselves by working in the cotton fields of places like California, doing hard physical labor… so if they could marry the boss, hey. It was a leg up.”

According to Leonard’s book, “ Making Ethnic Choices: California’s Punjabi-Mexican-Americans ,” country records show that some 378 marriages, mostly bi-ethnic Punjabi-Mexican couples, were carried out in California, a nexus of the Punjabi-Mexican community.

Although official numbers for the population do not exist, these families averaged between 5 to 6 children apiece.

Many of those children, however, did not decide to marry within the newly formed community. Netervala, who has lived in California for more than 50 years, is happily married to an Indian Parsi, and her children were raised as Zoroastrians with very little Mexican influence.

That’s not to say that the community has completely disappeared. For example, the former mayor of El Centro, California, David Singh Dhillon, was a third-generation Punjabi-Mexican.

But the vast majority of children born to Punjabi fathers and Mexican mothers in the early 20th century have assimilated with the greater Indian community now thriving in California, explained Jasbir Singh Kang, founder of the Becoming American Museum in Yuba City, which celebrates Punjabi history in California.

“It’s true that most of the community has assimilated, but that’s not saying we are ethnocentric,” said Kang, whose family hails from India’s Punjab state. “We cherish that history – the connection between Punjabis and Mexicans – and we are very proud of it.”

Kang, a physician and Sikh leader in Yuba City, considered one of the first Punjabi locales in America, said the passage of the Luce-Celler Bill of 1946 – which granted citizenship to people of Asian and Indian origin – permanently altered the Punjabi-Mexican Diaspora. The act allowed Punjabi landowners to bring wives back from India, thus negating the necessity to marrying outside their community.

And when Punjabi women began coming to the United States, the Punjabi-Mexican community confounded them, Leonard said.

“They even kicked out the Mexican women from the gurdwara, even though those Mexican women helped fund it,” Leonard said.

Today, the Punjabi community in California is one of the largest in the world, estimated at nearly 250,000. For the descendants of the nation’s Punjabi-Mexican couples, many have decided to identify themselves as either Mexican or India, Netervala explained, because it provides a more concrete identity. Her two brothers and sole sister all have Mexican spouses.

“Looking back – when you’re young, you don’t appreciate or realize the wealth that the two cultures brought together,” Netervala said. “But, if you’d ask me, I’d say the [Punjabi-Mexican] community is distinctly American.”

Wednesday, 21 August 2013



The rule of the MB lasted only a bit more than one year, why the collapse came so soon?

The fall of Morsi and of the rule of Muslim Brothers came as expected. Firstly, the government of the Muslim Brothers has been pursuing the same neoliberal policies as that of Mubarak, and even worse. It could not solve any problem faced by the Egyptian people.

Secondly, Morsi was elected through a gigantic fraud. Millions were given to buy the votes. The Muslim Brothers were mobilized to occupy the voting places and made impossible for the others to vote, to the extent that the Egyptian judges who usually followed the election were disgusted and moved out and gave the election. Despite that, the US Embassy and the Europe declared the election was perfect. This is how Morsi was elected.

Shortly after the fall of Morsi, you released a short statement and claimed it an important victory of Egyptian people, however, Morsi was ousted by the army, not directly by the demonstrations of the people. To what degree can we say it’s the victory of the people?

After a few months, it has been proven that Morsi was continuing the same policies rejected by the people. The movement of Tamarod started a campaign of signature, asking for the removal of Morsi and a new, real election. 26 million signatures were collected, which is the true figure. Morsi did not take an account of this campaign. So it was decided on 30th of June, which is exactly one year after his inauguration, there would be a demonstration. And the demonstration has been gigantic, the widest in the whole history of Egypt. 33 million people moved into the streets of Cairo and all Egyptian towns, including small towns. When you say 33 million people out of the total population of 85 million people, it means everybody. Just compare, imagine there (for China) are 500 million people demonstrating on the same day in all towns.

But Morsi replied to the demonstration by saying, oh, we are not accepting the civil war. There is no danger of civil war, because you have 90% of the people who are anti-Morsi and Morsi was not able to mobilize, even distributing a lot of money, more than a few hundred thousand people, which means an imbalance against him. The western media are continuously repeating the words of Morsi ‘we are moving to a civil war’, but this is ridiculous.

Facing the situation, the army operated in a very wise, intelligent way, they simply deposited Morsi and controlled him; the presidency was transferred to the President of the Constitutional Court, which is the normal way to replace a president which is removed. We shall see what the new government will do, if moving out of the policies of Morsi or not, but the movement is completely mobilized to respond.

The fact that Morsi was removed by the military force has been received in very different ways, some welcomed the change, some condemned it’s a pure military coup. What do think of that?

Such an action of the army is not a coup d’état. The western press said it was a coup d’état, but it is not, it is a wise action to answer the demands of the Egyptian people. I don’t want to go into details that I don’t know. The top leadership of the army has been, during the 30 years after the death of Nasser, controlled by the US and corrupted by the money of the US and the Gulf countries; and they accepted the polices of submission of Mubarak and Morsi. But everybody should know that the Egyptian army is not only the top leaders, also thousands of officers who remain patriotic; they are not necessarily progressive, nor socialist, but they understand that the people don’t want Morsi.

The new prime minister, Hazem Al Beblawi, I knew him personally. He was a brilliant student of economics. I don’t know what his mind is today; but he’s a clever man, able to understand the continuing of neoliberal policy is a disaster. We shall see.

As you said, the Egyptian army has been corrupt and has close connections with the US, but this time they stand together with the people. Can we say the army has changed in nature?

It’s the question we are all asking ourselves. We suspect the top leaders of the army are pro US, I don’t want to go into the secrets that I don’t know. Who is Sisi? Sisi is not necessarily the worst among them, I don’t know. Anyway, we judge the people by actions, not by this or that we don’t know. But I can assure you that many officers  have shown their sympathy  by moving among the people quite spontaneously. When the soldiers moved out onto the streets, standing with the people, it was also quite spontaneous. We should not consider the army as a whole is simply the instrument of the US.

Please tell us something about the movement. It seems very wide, who are joining the movement and how much in common do they have?

This is a wide movement which includes all the society. It brings together different people with different projects, different political minds. There is left, there is centre, there is right in the movement. They are unequally organized; some sectors are better organized than others.

The left is represented by Communist and socialist Parties

There is also left independent trade unions of the working class. About 4 to 5 million workers are organized by the trade unions which are traditionally on the left, with precise demands with respect to wages, conditions of labor, pensions, etc. On the left also there is the movement of small peasants who are resisting the process of dispossession to the benefit of the rich peasants, accelerated by the neoliberal policies. They are a very important component of the movement.

There are gigantic organizations, 4 or 5, of young people, basically from urban lower middle class and popular class. Hundreds of thousand organized. They are those who started Tamarod. These young people are politicized, they discuss politics continuously. They do not accept following parties; they have no confidence in bourgeois parties, democratic parties or even socialist parties. They want to continue to be independent.

There are movements of women, two sorts of movements. One is the movement of urban educated women – doctors, teachers, lawyers, also lower middle class women employees, who are asking for changes of the law. (I mean the Islamic law called the sharia ). There are also movements of poor women who are very strong fighters and supporting the workers ,for instance during the strikes. There are many strikes, 5000 strikes in one year in Egypt. They organize to provide food to the strikers and protect them from police attacks and so on.

There are also important organizations of middle classes – engineers, lawyers, judges, employees of the state, etc. They have trade unions of their own. These trade unions are not on the left, not socialist, but they are democratic, against Muslim Brothers and against submission to the US. There are also some personalities like Mohamed ElBaradei, who are more or less democratic but pro-US, pro-capitalism, pro-neoliberalism, they don’t understand the link between economic liberalism and the social disaster leading to the loss of legitimacy of lack of democracy.

There are also some people of the old regime who joined movement. They felt the movement was so strong and had to move in. They are not really influential in the movement.

There are also the salafists. The salafists are as bad as Muslim Brothers, they were eliminated by the Muslim Brothers because Muslim Brothers wanted to have all the positions only to them. This is why the salafists also moved into the movement. They have some influence among some sections of the middle classes and among those very poor who have very little understanding of politics, particularly in the rural area. Not more than that.

To have the movement getting together with minimum common program, there are discussions among various partners, particularly with the organizations of the youth. There is a real need for a common program able to meet the immediate challenges; it is not a program for socialism, but a program to start moving out of the trap of neoliberalization by restoring the power of the state, and starting to move out of the stuck of the US, Israel, and Gulf countries and opening new relations with other partners, particularly with China, with Russia, with India, with South Africa, so that we can start having independent policies and therefore reducing the influence of the US, of Israel, and of the Gulf countries.

We can say the movement faces three tasks.

One is social justice;  it is not socialism. It is a set of important reforms in the management of enterprises, ending privatizations, recapturing the enterprises which have been “sold out” at very low prices to private companies, establishing a new rule of minimum wages, a new rule of working conditions, a new rule of labor rights – strikes and so on, a new rule of participation of the working people with the management of the enterprises that they would have a say.  These reforms are not socialism, but they are on the long road to socialism, they are socialist-minded. For the farmers, it includes the protection of the ownership of the land by small peasants. These  demands are also very strongly supported by small and medium enterprise, the profit of which was pumped out by monopoly capital of foreign companies.

The second direction is the national question, the dignity. They want a government which represents Egypt with dignity. It means a government which is independent, not accepting the US orders, not standing with Israel’s repression of Palestinians, and independent from the Gulf countries who are allies of the US, they can’t be anything else. On that ground China has a big responsibility, It would be great if some people in China say frankly : we are with you and we are prepared if you ask it  to help you solve your economic problems. Such a declaration would have a tremendous echo in Egypt. There are slogans on the streets of Cairo saying :  we don’t need US aid, we can also get it from other countries. We don’t need US aid which is associated with corruption and political submission. This is called a national independent policy, in order to be able to develop a sovereign Egyptian project.

The third dimension is the democratic one. On that point, there are various views. There are people in favor of normal bourgeois pluri party elections. But there are many people who think that fast elections are not the answer to the challenge, democracy can’t mean just elections. Democracy implies the changes in attitudes, in changes in common relations of people in daily life. I think they are right. In Egypt, the young people consider democracy as the freedom of behaving in daily relations, particularly between boys and girls, men and women. Maybe, the majority of Egyptian people are believers in God, but they do not accept that because they are believers they should obey the orders of Muslim Brothers, forbidding them to have free lives. This is the way they understand democracy. We should have a popular parliament, which is not an “elected” parliament. It is a parliament which brings together people send by the organizations of the movement, by the trade unions, by the women organizations, by the youth organizations, by the various parties. This is the true parliament, more than a so-called elected parliament in which the distribution of representation is so unequal and biased.

You can call that not a socialist program, but a national, democratic, sovereign, and progressive program.

What role did the US play in the change?

The US supported Mubarak to the last minute. They also supported Morsi to the last minute; they continuously repeated ‘the elected president’. But when the leaders of the army took action to deposit Morsi, then the US accepted it, they understood. Of course they exercise strong pressure on the new government to continue neoliberal policy, submitting to IMF and the World Bank. But the people on the street shout the slogan, we don’t want IMF, we don’t want the World Bank. But there are pressures; those working with the management of finance are spontaneously conservative and pro neoliberalism. So there is a need for a struggle against them.

On one hand, we can say the US accepted and supported the army and the new government, but on the other hand, they tried to put pressure to bring back reactionary political Islam, not through the Muslim Brotherhood but through the salafist. This is the plan of the US, which is not to help Egypt out of the crisis, but to use the crisis to destroy more. Because Egypt is considered by them a dangerous country, it has a long past, it has been the first emerging country since the beginning of the 19th century, and one of the Third World important emerging country in the time of Nasser and Bandung, in line with China, the Soviet Union, and other countries of the third world. It played an important role in the liberation of all Africa. An independent Egypt with a sovereign, popular, progressive project would be a danger to the influence of the US, not only in Egypt, but in the Middle East, in Arab countries, and in all Africa. It will limit the expansion of Israel to Palestine. It will also put an end to the influence of the Gulf countries.

Egypt is now in another transition which is not peaceful; the clashes have costed dozens of lives. What do think of the bloodshed? What will be the future of the transition?

Of course it is not peaceful, but it’s not a civil war. The people are highly politicized, everybody is discussing politics on the street every day. People are active. Therefore different opinions appear, they discuss in some cases correctly and in other cases less correctly. But there is no danger of civil war because the common front is very wide.

The US is using another weapon in addition to economic and financial pressure. The US are supporting small armed groups operating as real terrorists. These groups are coming from Libya. Since Libya has been destroyed by the western military operation, Libya has become the base for all kinds of Jihadists. There are Jihadists with strong arms including missiles coming from the desert, this is the real danger.

Also in the Egyptian peninsula of Sinai small Jidahist groups supported by Israel and the Gulf countries are operating terrorist actions. This is made possible by the so called “peace agreement” between Egypt and Israel which puts a limit for the number of Egyptian soldiers stationed in Sinai : 700 to 2000, very small figure for this wide area.. On the 4th of July after Morsi was removed, I wrote a paper, the last sentence of which says now the danger is from imperialist US, Israel and Gulf, using criminal mercenaries, coming from Libya, and from the province of Sinai. This is what is happening now : terrorism , not “civil war”..

Interview of Samir Amin , made by Beifang, China, on July 15, 2013

Monday, 19 August 2013


Egypt facing terrorism


Dear comrades all over the world:

         After patience of the Egyptian people on Police & Armed Forces since their authorization to face terrorism urgently & after feeling of the people the slowing down in facing terrorism by letting armed sets at war zones ( Rabaa el Adaweya & Nahda ) squares with passiveness at arresting criminal leaders of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) also permitting the new liberal power to mess the national security with calling a foreign power ( which is an enemy for the Egyptians) to interfere at the interior situation without any respect to the people's well that was clear at 30 / 6 & after that date .

         The security forces moved after long waiting to evacuate terroristic sets with an evident lax & unjustified graduation in facing armed groups at sets that containing criminals wanted to justice after their encouragement for violence & planning for chaos with ordering to destroy the country establishments not only that but also calling in public  for  imperial power help ( bullying abroad ) , crying on the victims that killed by MB militia ( friendly fire ) at their clashes before in a very clear betrayal which get them out from Egyptian national current .

       We saw torture, killing inside their sets which became sure after finding the bodies of tortured victims that was thrown under the stages in addition to using children in a nasty view against all international norms & humanity.

      Their telling lie about peace became obvious after facing security with gun machines &   R B G s also after finding of great amount of weapons & gun machines at the two squares. The security forces surprised us by calling the criminal to go out without any punishment under the slogans of safe going out how come!!  How come the criminals had no punishment for their crimes ?!

      Although all that the MB criminals didn’t bow only after killing, burning, & destroying. The governmental systems were as if they were going for picnic as they were focusing on the two war zones without any doing their role at securing the governmental building, police stations, hospitals, ministries & people's property even at Cairo or other governorates which gave a chance to Islamist terroristic militia  to burn churches with people inside, killing by identity & commission crimes of ethnic cleansing at some villages at upper Egypt trying to ignite sectarian strife also they burned the mosque that they were staying in at rabaa square before leaving for propitiation of general opinion & international community. They regain their regressive culture at hating the Egyptian civilized history by burning & museums.

      We are blaming the government for all this losses & victims from innocent people wanted their country not to fall inside a terrorism grasp. All those losses could be avoided if the government has a complete security plan to secure the hall country before beginning at evacuation specially we all knew about the threating of Islamists with spreading the chaos .

     What we said before became obvious as the betrayal is clear on the situation of those power who called themselves national power as they leave responsibilities at a moment that the people need their support under slogan of they don’t want to interfere in violence ( with forgetting the blood of Iraqi people before which didn't lead to the same situations!!) & as usual some power who are calling themselves leftist but they are actually the right of the rightist by defending the terrorists indirectly by refusing facing terrorism & evacuating of armed sets, under slogans of getting the military role down as they considered what happened a military coup to cover the truth of their supporting the right regressive fascist religious power. They stood in the same columns with capitalists, regressive & rightist power that are all against the poor people demands.

      We are demanding the Egyptian people to not to responding to the fake calls of reconciliation with terrorists & they should form a popular committees to face terrorism without waiting for slow security forces.

     We are insisting that our struggle is continuous against this government that is away from poor people demands as it continue to execute the conditions of the international bank & I.M.F. also they are still in the way of depending on private investments at achieving development without any thoughts for beginning at national projects to regain the state role at development to face the crisis of poverty, hunger, unemployment & medical problems.

     We ensure that the solution is in the hands of people only by struggling for real socialist project providing social justice & ending of exploitations.

    Finally we say that we are against dependency & supporting the independency of the Egyptian people well.

     Revolutionist Communist Party – Egypt

         Central committee


By Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

The imperialist brokered peace treaty between Egypt and the white settler zionist state is a fundamental lynch pin of imperialist strategy in the region, imperialism is terrified that scaf (Egyptian army) will tear it up hence empire's wariness and nervousness in dealing with scaf, although they have slapped scaf by cancelling fighter jet deals, cancelled a joint military exercise and are sending Mr ford as ambassador, same guy who helped start-up the current Syrian death squad rebellion (Egyptians are very pissed off about this last issue).

imperialism knows very well that if it pushes scaf too hard, scaf will shift track and ally with China, Russia, Iran etc (remember scaf put the Iranian warship through the Suez days after Muburak's fall, a clear signal to the 'west' that they can go to war with the west if pushed too hard), hence empire trying to maintain a strategic relationship of sorts w scaf. Just cos blair is 'supporting' the 'coup' doesn't mean anything, we have to look at the STRATEGIC relationships between imperialism and the different political insitutions of the GlobalSouth, not momentary and surface stuff. blair supported the freedom of Mandela, doesn't make Mandela a pro-blair scumbag, blair went to kiss Gadafi's ass in the Libyan desert, doesn't stop making Gadafi an anti-imperialist, blair went to kiss up to Assad before, didn't make Assad a sell out. Etc etc. The west need China, doesn't mean they don't want to war with and destroy China. They do!

But this relationship is breaking down relatively fast, scaf is wildly popular in Egypt and increasingly more so as scaf tells western machinations to f*** off.

imperialism has used and Morsi/MB have allowed themselves to be used for imperialist interests to:

1, support empire regime change across the region, esp Syria (one of the first things scaf did when Morsi was chucked was to stop counter-revolutionary Syrians freeling without visa restrictions to come to Egypt for counter revolutionary training etc),

2, they were selling BILLIONS of *subsidies* for the poorest (gas and food mainly) to the imf, a subsidy that has somehow survived since when Nasser brought it in,

3, they have violently divided Egyptian society along religious lines in opening up the sectarian war against Shia, Christians etc by their alliance w the bonkers brigades (extremist maniacs using and abusing Islam).

Hence on EVERY level Morsi and the MB have shown themselves to be a deeply 'right wing' pro-imperialist force, and rightly so this needs to be smashed, just shame MB opportunistically used their street followers for their own selfish desires.

We will soon see scaf increasingly turn to the GlobalSouth to resist empire, and the Egyptian masses rally behind the Army. Egypt has Africa's biggest Army, the middle east's biggest Army must, in the imperialists mind, be smashed for imperialism to have a viable future in the region and across Africa and to disallow the GlobalSouth/Brics to ally with our peoples and countries. For the GlobalSouth, it is a case of unite or perish.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013



"Clothing has been distributed to poor and needy children, as well as vulnerable elderly people, in many regions of Libya, according to the Emirates Red Crescent." [source]

Libyan children who once had beautiful lives are now orphans and charity cases. It is a sad day indeed when children who had families and bright futures ahead of them are now subject to poverty and loneliness.

All this in the name of who/what? Freedom? Togetherness? Unity? Democracy?

The Libyan people and children are definitely not free, together or united, nor do they have democratic rights or even the slightest of human rights. How come these children aren't with their parents (family).

Could it be because they're families have either been killed or illegally imprisoned?

Our prayers go out to these children who have to spend their Eid and lives without their loved ones.

- Vantage Point: Libya





"Speculation on Capitol Hill has included the possibility the U.S. agencies operating in Benghazi were secretly helping to move surface-to-air missiles out of Libya, through Turkey, and into the hands of Syrian rebels."